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I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful job you did on my dress. I loved it, and everyone though it was just the most spectacular wedding outfit they had seen. It was so special to have a one of a kind dress, and the craftsmanship was really outstanding.

Thanks for turning a few pictures into my dream dress.

I have attached a couple of pictures of it from the wedding.

Jacki Lindig

Diana's Couture is Fantastic

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Allyson - Jan 6, 2010

I was married this past summer, and Diana made my wedding dress. After going to numerous appointments at over-priced stores and bridal "salons, " I found Diana. I told her exactly what I wanted, and she made suggestions about cut and fabric. She then made my dress, with beautiful French lace for 1/3 the price of what the same dress would have cost at a store. I first met with Diana in November for my May wedding. By early January, she had the dress completed and was ready to go. My dress fit perfectly, was super comfortable, and looked gorgeous. Diana is a super professional and most importantly, she really knows what looks good. She has a great eye. And I love that french lace bridal gown that she made for me . She is very gifted at her craft.

Hi, there -

I just wanted to send you a few pictures from my wedding. You had altered my dress (made the back a V instead of straight across, as well as other alterations) and I wanted to let you know that it looked fabulous - if that's okay to say coming from the one who wore it:)

I've attached a few pictures - but I'll be getting some more pictures where you can see the dress better, and I'll send those, too.

Thanks so much for all you did.


Jocelyn  - Washington, DC - 6/20/2009

Diana is incredible!!!!  I looked all around for my wedding dress, but kept getting frustrated I couldn't get exactly what I had in mind.   Then I found Diana.

We spent an hour or so designing the dress from my ideas and with her fantastic input, and it was ready for the first try-on within a month and a half.  Amazing, considering the ready-made shop down the street charged rush fees if you were ordering within 5 months of your wedding.  

When I put the dress on for the first time, it fit perfectly and I thought it was just too beautiful for words.  I didn't want to take it off.   And it's so special to tell people I had the dress made for me.  I would recommend Diana to anyone.

For expert design & honest advice,..

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By nuliassi - Jan 9, 2010

Thank to Diana, my wedding dress was everything I'd hoped for and made me feel like a princess on our big day. I can't even count how many people asked me who designed the dress ("Monique?","Vera??"... and I was pleased to share that it had actually been custom-made for me. I can't recommend Diana's services highly enough, as she truly helped me every step of the way; for instance, at the final fitting, Diana didn't just make tweaks to the gown, but she helped me select a veil that would best accentuate the dress and provided me with information on how to keep it intact during travel. If you've been searching high and low for the dress of your dreams and are still coming up empty-handed, go see Diana--she'll work with you to come up with an exquisitely crafted, one-of-a-kind style for your special day.

Dear Diane,

My apologies for not sending these pictures sooner! It took for ever to get them from the photographer, we didn't even get our copies until November, but since then it's been down to my busy schedule.

Everyone loved my dress so much, I got many compliments and loved wearing it. I've attached a couple of pictures of the front and back. I really like the one of the back. I tried to get one that showed the 'movement' of the dress but it's hard with a still.

I will put a couple of pictures in the post in the next couple of weeks too.




Thank you so much for my beautiful wedding dress. My wedding was Oct. 2 so I am just getting around to sending you a couple of pictures. I wrote a review for you on wedding wire! I hope all is well and I hope
your hand is feeling much better these days.



Hi Diana,

I'm sorry it's taken so long to get to you with pictures.  We've had lots of life changes besides the wedding, and I have been swamped!!  I wanted to sincerely thank you for your fantastic work in creating my wedding dress.  Your obvious care and generosity were so very appreciated, especially as we could not afford much.  And your personalized touches and ability to modify the original design to work for me, was impressive.

I've attached some pictures in which I think you can see the dress the best.  Feel free to use them for anything you need.

All the best!

Barbara Petro Escobar

Dear Diana,

I just wanted to thank you for all you did for me in preparation for my wedding day! The six custom-designed bridesmaid dresses were absolutely beautiful and turned out to be just what we had in mind.  The color and style really set the tone for our entire outdoor garden wedding on Maryland's Eastern Shore.  Many of the girls have worn the dresses for other occasions - a rarity with most bridesmaid dresses!

In a major emergency situation only a few weeks before the wedding, you succeeded where others had failed (two others to be exact) - you made my Christos wedding gown fit like a glove!  I have never had a strapless fit me so well.  That dress was an absolutely perfect fit, even with all the dancing we did. I think my only regret is not agreeing to let you make my Mom a dress for the wedding.

Thank you again for everything. You are an amazing and inspirational person.  I value your creativity, unmatched talent, and especially your honesty.  I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind dress or custom alteration for any dress by any designer. You are truly the best! 

Michelle Windsor Costa - February 2004 

Dear Diana,

With apologies for the delay.  I am very pleased to enclose several pictures that I thought you might enjoy. I think it is not an exaggeration to say that my wedding dress was a big hit.  Both Linda and I received numerous glowing compliments about our dresses.

I am indebted to you for all your efforts and wonderful advice to help make my wedding day so special and memorable.

Best wishes -Lisa Kuhn

Diana, Thank you for making this BEAUTIFUL wedding dress. It was perfect!!!

Didn't the dress look amazing!!! I love how it turned out.


Happy New Year Diana!!! Bambi here.  Hope you had a wonderful Xmas and New Year, and hope the renovations with your shop are moving along swiftly. It’s been a busy first couple of months.  From Nigeria, went to Cairo and London, got back and have been very busy.  Just wanted to let you know that I didn’t forget about you.  The wedding went beautifully, thank God.  Your dress was a KNOCK-OUT!!! Everyone absolutely loved it and were so impressed with the sleeves.  And nope, the church didn’t throw me out – they felt I was covered enough I guess.  The sleeves stayed on, the fit was so flattering.

I want to say a BIG and hearty thanks for everything.  Your patience, wonderful ideas that eventually produced the finished product, and your genuinely sweet spirit.  You were an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve attached pictures – enjoy!!! Have a wonderful year!

All the best, Bambi (please let me know that you got this)

Ps. My Aunt’s been going nuts with your cook book by the way – cooking up a storm!!

Dear Diana,

A huge Thank you for my lovely red silk dress that you created for our December 2007 wedding.  It looked and felt fantastic, and helped to make it a wonderful day for Keith and I.  With warmest wishes.


Hi Diana-

Thank you so much for all your hard work and the beautiful dresses.  We will be sure to send you pictures from the wedding which will take place January 23rd in Hawaii.  For now here are the pics of Kali trying on the little red flower girl dress you made for her.  I think she looks absolutely adorable.  She loves the dress and was twirling around it it!
Thanks again,
Marchelle - December 2008

She was my wedding dress fairy god-mother!

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By heidihuke - Jan 11, 2010

I found a dress that I really liked but did not love. I loved the layers of chiffon that rippled down it like a wedding cake but it was a mermaid cut which I did not care for, and a few sized too big. I took the dress to Diana (the miracle worker) and she agreed to help me. She basically had to unstich each layer, take it in, and rebuild the dress from scratch... all the while she was busy planning, hosting, and sewing for her daughter's wedding making all of the dresses as well as taking care of other customers. Diana is wonder-woman and is creative and fun, but also a perfectionist. My dress was perfect and no one could see all the work Diana had to put into it. If I did anything differently, I would have just gone to Diana initially with my ideas and had her make me a custom dress because her work is fabulous and she gives a fair price. I was also able to get my veil from her. I also want to mention that my mother goes to Diana for all of her alterations and has always been impressed and pleased with the work that was done...as was I!


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