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                                                                                  The Gown Doctor (since 1982)


Diana's Couture & Bridal Services include:

* Custom designs for Bridal, Bridesmaids and Bridal Party dresses
* Custom made Bridal accessories, Handmade Headpieces
* Redesign your mother's gown to be yours.
* Bridal dyeable shoes to match
* Specializing in beaded garments
* Dressmaking
* Wardrobe Planning
* Wedding Gown Preservation
* Men's and Women's alterations
* Rush orders welcome

All Work Guaranteed!
References available upon request.

*Healthy Cooking Classes available upon request - (8 to 12 per class)  Register as a group for a discount rate and Free Cookbook.



Have you ever dreamt of designing your own wedding gown for your special day?  If the answer is yes, Diana will make your dream come true. As a bride, you can try  many gowns and still not find the perfect one.  Ideal dresses are often a combination of many styles.  Brides who bring in pictures, ideas, and descriptions to Diana's Couture & Bridal leave with the gown of their dreams.  As a designer/dressmaker with 32 years of experience, Diana understands body type, custom cut and most importantly, proportions.  


Designing your dream gown is simple:


1. As soon as you get engaged, it's the time to think about your gown.   

Decide what style, skirt and what kind of design you would like. The easiest way to get ideas is to look in your own closet.  Search for a dress, a top, a skirt, a neck line, sleeves or a fabric that always gets you compliments.  It is also helpful to clip pictures from bridal magazines. For example, if you see a neckline, a skirt, a front or back that catches your eye, circle it.  Get as many ideas as possible. Once you have gotten your ideas together, call Diana's and make an appointment for a free consultation. 


2. During the appointment, we will gather all your ideas and pictures and sketch a few designs that include your favorite details.  We will then give you an estimate based on the final sketch, fabric and design.  This price will vary depending on added options, the design and the fabric.  Quite often we get phone requesting estimates over the phone.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way for designs or alterations.  What we can do is offer is a free in-house estimate and a clear explanation how the procedure works.  Rest assured, work only will be done upon prior agreement of both parties. 


3. It will take approximately three to five months to complete a gown order, though we can handle rush orders as time allows.  It will take two to three fittings in order to complete the dress.  During the first fitting, the gown will be eighty five percent complete so you have a good idea of what the final product will look like.  The first fitting is critical for fitting proportions.  Be prepared and come in with undergarments as well as a pair of sample heels similar in height to those you will wear on your wedding day.  Please feel free to ask questions.  Reasonable changes can be made at this time providing they are within the original design.


4. The second fitting is scheduled much closer to the wedding month. That does not mean that you and your family can't visit your gown!  For example, if you have purchased different shoes or undergarments, give us a call and schedule an appointment.  At the second fitting, we will check on body fitting.  Keep in mind most brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride will try to lose weight prior to the wedding date.  Be sure to schedule your appointment accordingly if you plan on adjusting your weight or body shape.  Please discuss your diet plans with Diana when scheduling the second fitting.


5.  FINALLY, we're done!  The last fitting should be a week to ten days prior to the pick up date.  At this time, we will make sure the gown still fits or see if we need to do some minor alterations as well as add a bustle if you have chosen to do so.


6. Allow sufficient time to try on your gown one last time before pick up.





If you have purchased a wedding gown and are not entirely happy with the fitting, design, etc. schedule a free fitting consultation for a price quote.  As mentioned above, we can't give you a price estimate over the phone, not because we're difficult, but because they’re not accurate.  During the appointment, we will study the cut of the gown and the fitting and then we will then give you a price quote based on the amount of work involved.  Please understand that wedding gown construction is complicated.  Taking in or out the wrong seam may affect the proper fitting of a gown.  We have had many customers come into Diana's with last minute disasters that needed to be corrected.  It is more difficult to fix a mistake than to do it right from the beginning.  At Diana's we handle alterations as the reconstruction of a cut and we recreate the right proportion of the gown.  We do not just take seams in and out.  This is how we are able to guarantee a perfect fit.


It takes two fittings for wedding gown alterations.  Please follow steps 4, 5, 6 listed above. 


At Diana's, we stand behind our work one hundred percent.  We love to see a big smile on a bride's face.  We will do whatever we can to make you, the bride, the most beautiful, happy person on your special day.


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